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It feels good to be writing a post that doesn't begin with "Film:" or "What I Did In". There's a reason this post doesn't start with either of those things. It's because this post isn't of photos from my film cameras and my touchscreen phone. This post is of photos from my Digital camera. And yes I still have it. But I'm sorry to say for what feels over a year its been collecting dust on my shelf. I've always said I didn't know why I stopped taking photos on it, well I do. It's because I got a smart phone. Now I've come away from the excitement of having something in my pocket that I can pull out and take photos with and upload them for the internet to see straight away, I've realised that actually, all the good moments I captured were always on my Nikon. All the little outings and adventures, or just sitting around with some friends all the way to exploring a new country. They were all taken on my Nikon and thats what I enjoyed using the most. Not to take away the love I have for my film cameras, they're special to me just the same. But I'm fed up of never taking photos or taking just 5 per adventure, that actually I never really use...

So the Nikon is back. Well for a few weeks that is and then me and Tom will be looking to go halves on a new DSLR. But I couldn't wait any longer, and although I feel as though I've lost my touch with capturing moments (maybe I haven't) I'm going to force myself to take it out with me more and more importantly, take it out of my bag!! 

Here are some pictures I took throughout Thursday and Friday. Thursday being the day I realised I wanted to use it more, and therefore appearing at Aggie's house exclaiming "I want to take photos all the time again" She agreed. Friday I had a morning in Penarth and since the weather was incredibly beautiful, we set out early for a walk. 

I know not a lot of people read this blog, and that's not whats important to me. Although thank you if you do :) This blog I realised more than anything is the platform I have grown up on. What I have used time and time again to express my feelings and shown, quite publicly, whoever wants to know, what I am doing. I love this blog more than anything and to me it reminds me of all the brilliant times I've had with many different people and that I have my camera to thank for all these memories. Photography is something I will always be passionate about. I may not have a style or have the drive to follow it through as a career, but it is something I will always consider incredibly important. Vital in fact, to really appreciate the life I have and the things I do and also the people I have around me to enjoy this great life with. 

Mega rant I know. It's really been a while since I've been able to write like this and I really do hope its the beginning of plenty more blog posts again, because I have massively missed this and actually it scares me how much I love and depend on this blog. So I just pray nothing ever happens to make this blog scratched from the surface of the world wide web. 

Lots of love to everyone.
And feel free to keep reading because I promise to make posts as frequently as I can!!


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