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My 21st Celebrations

Well woop-di-doo I'm Twenty One. How very very exciting, I think?..

Since Saturday I've had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday. And I thought I'd share with you the photos I've been taking along the way. 

Saturday and Sunday, me and Tom were in London with Agnese for an event in Tobacco Dock (It was amazing obviously). 
Monday was my actual birthday which was spent with Tom receiving wonderful and useful gifts from all :) In the evening we went for a meal in Jamie's Italian. 
Tuesday I caught a cold lol
Wednesday me and Tom spent a day together walking and doing more travelling planning. Then in the evening my family and Tom and his parents all went for a meal in Cote Brasserie, which was more than lovely. 
And today Tom's in work and I'm back to work later which I'm kind of looking forward to, although I can't help but feel the lounge is going to be messy... 

So all and all I've had a wonderful birthday and now here are some pictures :)


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