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What I Did In February

Halloo. Got a double shift today so just trying to get a few things done before I get back out into the hurricane and get blown to work... (It's so wiiindy) Hmm don't feel like writing much although I probably have a lot to say. Summer plans are coming together! Me and Tom bought a notebook yesterday to start putting all our travelling info into. Tomorrow we'll have a good morning together to start working on it! Also found out 5am this morning I'm going to Love Saves The Day!! A weekend festival in Bristol in May. We're only going for the Saturday but its made me so excited for summer and actually going out and doing things with people. Plans plans plans. So yep I'm feeling good. Also working my way still through the Bonobo line up which is in 2 weeks!!! Cannot frigging wait to just dance all day :D Listen to Nocturnal Sunshine atm which I didn't realise until a moment ago is actually Maya Jane Coles. Fun fact for you, but worth a check out nonetheless. Ok now I'm blabbering. I'll try post soon!! 
Full river!
The completed map!!
Hey avocado
New books :)
Went for a walk and found the Bomb Shelters all boarded up :(

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