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Cardiff Flower Show

Yesterday me and Tom went to the RHS Cardiff Flower Show. I went last year and really enjoyed it so this year I took Tom along with me to show him all the pretty flowers. It was a really nice day out, although its still quite cold the sun was shining so it was very pleasant walking around. Here are some pics we took throughout the day. I of course couldn't help but purchase a few lil plants, I ended up getting six (hehehe) but it's ok because they're all quite small succulents. I think I may have finally run out of room for plants in my room though. 

Today I have an evening shift, I've just cycled home from Penarth and I think I'm going to have a chilled bedroom day today. I do have film from my minolta to develop though, so I'll be doing another post later in the week :) It feels good having posts to do each week!! Yay for my DSLR..


(Took me about 10-15 minutes to pick out the four I wanted haha)
 My new cuties :)
The different garden designs..
 Airplants!! (I got one!)

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