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Caerphilly Mountain

Maybe I shouldn't be writing this now because I am so amusingly exhausted I can barely lift my fingers to type, but I will regardless even if it takes me twice as long and I fall asleep half way through. As I had a Sunday off (today) without Tom I decided I would walk to the International Swimming Pool in the Bay from my house in Roath (my bike being in Penarth at the moment). It was a really lovely walk to be fair, I left 10.22am and arrived under 80 minutes later. Swam for half an hour, which took more out of me than I was expecting.. and then headed back arriving home around half an hour ago. I. Am. Shattered. Like I rarely need nap but I feel so physically drained I could most definitely nap right now. Maybe next time I'll cycle there...  

So yesterday I also had the day off and Josie did also, so we arranged to meet up at her house and then walk Caerphilly Mountain which I realised I haven't done before. You start off in Cefn Onn which I used to regularly go to and then follow a side path up the mountain until you come out to a magnificent view of the surrounding valleys and Cardiff. It was beautiful! And we had such lovely weather for it. 

News at home.. yesterday we thought Wally had gotten conjunctivitis because he couldn't open one of his eyes. It improved a lot throughout the day and today he can open it fine but its starting to look more like something has scratched the surface of his eye!! Either a claw (his or the cats) or a stick or something. :( We don't really know too much about it, I'm just assuming from what I can see. I don't think it would of made him fully blind in that eye but the top film of the eye seems damaged!! Poor Wally. Maybe we'll find out soon what it is. 

Now for the rest of my day I'm probably going to read, maybe not in my bed though because I'll definitely end up falling asleep! 


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