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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Hey, really been feeling like writing a blog post lately. The last few days for me have been really good. I've been really positive about things and really enjoyed keeping busy, even if that is accounting for little Wally's needs. The weather on Sunday was absolutely beautiful. After my shift me and Tom lay about his garden in 23 degrees and then went for a nice walk along the cliff tops. Monday and today have been fairly rainy (I don't think it'll let up today) but still pleasantly warm. I've just cycled home from Penarth and got positively soaked, but it was so enjoyable... Summer rain is just as nice as Summer sun sometimes as long as it's not day in day out. Everythings so green and healthy at the moment I love it. 

The title of today's post is something I've been repeating in my head recently. I seem to have a mind capable of thinking out a situation a hundred times in great depth until I can't think about it anymore and then it's gone. Recently the thing thats been stuck in my head is something I'd rather not have in it as its completely unresolveable and usually just creates unnecessary stress. So out of sight, out of mind seems like a reasonable thing to remind myself, and it has kind of worked I have to say. There's a picture that I saw on my facebook feed below that I feel really speaks to me and is very similar to my own philosophy. Not only does a positive attitude create a positive life around you, but it can also create a positive atmosphere for someone else, or even make their day slightly better or easier. People forget sometimes how easy it is to be nice, polite and friendly. It's such a simple thing that can sometimes go a long way. So don't ever think I'm going to apologise or feel out of place because I think positively and have a happy attitude towards things. 

Now here are just a few little pictures from my DSLR. Spring is oh so definitely apon us. 


 Enjoying the sun!
 Spring bulbs!! Cannot wait to see the pretty pink, white and yellow flowers :)
 My air plant 
 The route across Europe :D

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