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Film: May/June 2016

Hey hey! The date is drawing ever so near! Tomorrow will be my last day in work and then I've got 4 days to try and feel fully ready to leave. Everything is pretty much falling into place, apart from the fact that our money card may not arrive on time before we leave!!!! But we have a backup plan in case that happens but I'm praying it will come on time! I am so incredibly excited, everything about it is exciting me. Me and Tom just looked up a few hostels in Hamburg and even that seems so exciting haha! I am so so ready for an adventure. Bring it on!!

So I got a film developed a few days ago and this is full of photos from all the outings I've been having since May 1st. It did take me quite a while to finish the film which I liked because it was going to be my last film before I go. But I was feeling quite whimsical the day I developed the film and decided to start another with less than a week before I go. (And I kind of needed the film for travelling) So I've got another roll coming before I go haha!! Of a bit more random things.. I've titled it in my head "Things that make me happy" Yeah I know.. But I will finish it!! I've already taken 12 shots - so halfway through and I'm meeting the girls minus Aggie :( tomorrow so I'll take some more then. S'all good. 

For now lets enjoy this one ayes!!


Tom's birthday :)
 Reunited and last catch up until mid-August :( 
 Love Saves The Day :)
 Sunny afternoon
Junction 2 selfies..
 Cutie Wally

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