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What I Did In May

So today I'm going to try and do this post in between watching Wally to make sure he doesn't destroy the sofa. Weathers crap but its still warm which is ok, I miss wearing jumpers though haha! Work was long, I'm behind on cleaning cos it's half term so the last two days I've stayed an hour longer. Today I'm walking to Tom's shop and then we're hoping to buy as much as possible of all our travelling bits and bobs. So I've got about three lists to go through haha. It's creeping up so quickly... 3 weeks on Sunday!! Have I said this weekend me and Tom are going to London :D Thinking about maybe bringing the DSLR, would be nice to do a blog post on it. Alright I'll write soon. Here are my iPhone pics from May :)

Tom's b'day celebrations
Tiny Wally!!
B'day outfits hehe
Enjoying the sun!!
Soo cuuuuuuute!!
Travel preparations (trying to be organised!)
Cycling to work in the morning from Penarth
Lovely and delicious dinner date 
Catch up!!
Love saves the day :)
Hey pup :P

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