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Climbing Pen Y Fan

Quick post intersecting my many travelling posts (there's soooo much more to come hahah). Yesterday me and Tom finally got round to walking Pen Y Fan. We both had a day off and both had enough determination to get it done. Only downside was it was cloudy, meaning once we had got to the first peak the second was enveloped in cloud so that you couldn't see the top and also it had begun to rain (I was in a hoodie, shorts and sandels. LOL) It wasn't a bad chose of clothing I should point out, but a raincoat would of been nice. It was a lovely walk in all though, it was nice to do it again after so long and you really have to enjoy the incredibly vast beauty of the area surrounding you. With a bit more preperation and a nicer day I would love to set out and hike around the Brecon Beacons but alas the weather was not on our side yesterday. Also it takes an hour and a half to get there by bus which is a bit of a drag considering I started feeling sick on the way back, yay me!! 
Ah well next nice day we both have off - or maybe I'll drag the girls along with me ;) - I'll be planning on heading back up there! So here are some of the pics and then it'll be back into the travel posts for meeeeeee, hope your enjoying them, I literally cannot wait to start posting the stunning photos from Croatia and Italy!!! 

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