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Travelling Europe: The Eagles Nest

The Eagles Nest perched up on Mt Kehlsteinhaus reached up to 1958m in height. It was without a doubt the tallest mountain we climbed during that trip and the fact that we walked at least 1000m up from the point the bus from Berchtesgaden dropped us off, right to the peak, certainly impressed me. It was a heck of a climb, it may not look too steep in the pictures, and it wasn't too bad, more so it was just continuous, constant up hill walking. 
We left the campsite early as was our usual routine by now, with our bags a bit less heavy thanks to the setting up of camp. We caught a bus into the town and then another one up into the mountains to the Eagles Nest information centre. Of course the main crowd swarmed straight away to the bus stop that would take you straight to the top, but thats not how we roll (We find the least likely/hardest possible way to get anywhere hihi), we had a map with us and using information around the centre worked out where the path began to hike up to the top. It was so worth it! We only came across one other group of people hiking up - a family - which we passed several times in between them taking a break and us taking a break. The hike must of taken at least an hour an a half, two hours max, which was a relief because sign posts along the way were telling us we had a three hour walk ahead of us. It was amazing though, walking into the dense fog to the point where we could barely see the path ahead of us, or even how high up we were! It was warm also until right at the end we came to where the buses dropped you off and thankfully got an incredible view just as the clouds cleared away. It was like we were above them! You then had the option to get a lift to the highest peak (money) or walk a bit further, to which Tom cried "ahhh we'll walk obviously!!!" So we carried on walking for another 10 minutes up some steps and walkways until finally we reached the highest point. It was so incredible!! We could see for so so far it was amazing! The freedom you had around the peak really surprised me too, there were options for paths you could follow down into neighbouring valleys, which did tempt me at the time but we decided against it as the walk up had already tired us out quite a bit. We stayed up there for a while, perched on a rock whilst eating our usual lunch of ham and cheese roll. We knew the walk down would be too difficult (for our feet more than anything) so decided to experience the bus journey down which was slightly sketchy.. You'd have to have a stomach for heights as you watched the buses almost swing around the bends. What an incredible peak though, thinking back on it, it really is something I'd like to climb up and explore again. Being up so high just gives you a whole other sense of awe. 

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