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Travelling Europe: Prague

Looking back through these pictures I can't help but fall back in love with Prague. It was a truly mesmerising place to walk around. We arrived in the evening around 8pm on the Friday with a hostel booked, ready for us to head to. From the Hlavni Nadr (Main Station) we began soaking up the atmosphere of Prague. Its tall mighty buildings lined the streets where trams clattered past with there bells ringing, cars and scooters weaving in and out of the lanes. We had up on our phones the location of our hostel and began our walk. I remember immediately liking Prague, it was colourful and bold. Statues of angels, goddesses and warriors marked the buildings and kept our eyes active as we glanced around trying to find every unique feature around us. Once we arrived at our hostel it took a while to check in as they were having some computer difficulties, but finally we were given our room high up on the 6th floor. It was so nice being able to overlook the street below and all the beautiful buildings surrounding us. It was already getting quite late by then so instead of heading out we decided to stay in and get up nice and early to begin exploring the next day. It was certainly nice to sleep in a bed after two days of camping!
Saturday I woke up before Tom and spent time washing my hair and tidying the room a bit. When Tom was up and ready we began looking online for a launderette where we could do our first weekly wash. We found one about a 20 minute walk away so once we were ready we headed off. It was a lovely morning, already so warm! We arrived at the launderette and were shown how to use the machines and with that we had 35 minutes to kill before we could put the clothes in the driers. We left and went to find ourselves some breakfast and then walked around the local area, coming across a few interesting buildings along the way. For the second 35 minutes in the launderette we sat down in a sofa area and waited. Then we headed back to our hostel to drop everything off before we could head out and truly explore Prague. The morning was enjoyable however, its nice getting to know your way around a place, even if its only a small fraction. The good thing about Prague was that it was easy to get around, we had the river to use as a navigational tool, knowing we were staying close along it. It also never seemed to big or too difficult to get from one part to another (unless you go way to far out as we ended up doing that night). So we headed back out before lunch and walked along the river towards the famous Charles Bridge. It was quite amusing how busy it became the closer we walked into the center, until we were one with a stream of people all heading in the same direction. We quickly ventured off into a side street with the hopes of finding a place to eat and ended up stopping in the main lane leading on to the Charles Bridge. It was hectic, but that seemed to add to the atmosphere and we were sat separated from the bustle. After some cheap food we set off along the bridge, bumping into a couple we had sat with whilst on the train to Prague! That was nice to be able to catch up and wish each other all the best as we set off in different directions - the busyness of the bridge had put them off and would of done the same for us if not for the beautiful castle and mighty cathedral catching our eye across it in the distance. We headed across taking in the statues and street-sellers a plenty all along. On the other side we quickly veered off onto a side street in order to avoid the constant stream of people and walked up in to a gardens which had beautiful peacocks in a back orchard. We then continued along the beautiful streets enjoying the sights of the trams and walked up into the castle grounds. We arrived high up in a courtyard displaying a vast view of the whole of Prague, brightening the gloomy, but warm day with its beautiful terracotta roof tops. We climbed up on to a part of the grooved wall and sat for a while taking it all in. We then walked further up into the grounds towards the ginormous cathedral. It was so incredible, so dark and gothic compared to the rest of the city, it was really a sight to behold. Unfortunately we didn't get the opportunity to go in as a wedding was taking place. We then began our decent through the castle gardens and back onto the streets where we slowly walked back towards our hostel. We arrived back at the hostel around 6pm and with pasta and some sauce purchased, took advantage of the communal kitchen to make some dinner. We got talking to a few other people staying there. One older man from Italy and another guy maybe in his thirties although I'm not too sure where he was from. The younger guy in his thirties got talking to us about a few events going on that night in Prague. We had already discussed going out and although I was keen, Tom brushed it off as a maybe to the guy - he later told me he'd rather just me and him go out, which I agreed on. 
Around 10pm after finding a club we assumed to be open, although finding specific information was difficult, we headed out and caught a taxi to the club. But things went wrong. We had asked in advance the taxi price and were told 400CZK (czech kuna) which was reasonable. All seemed ok until we got to the area of the club and we realised the taxi driver couldn't find the club... He ended up dropping us off basically on some random street and then decided to charge us almost 800CZK saying that the two prices he had on his screen were supposed to be added up (I later worked out that one was with tax and the other was without) so we had to basically had him all our money as there was no way of understanding each other properly - he probably pretended he didn't understand us and we could barely understand him as he wasn't even trying to explain anything to us properly. It was so incredibly frustrating all I wanted to do was get out of that stupid taxi, even if it was the middle of nowhere. So we weren't left with a lot of options. We either had enough money to get into the club, or enough money to get back to our hostel.. Not both. Pretty shit huh?! So much for trying to have a good night out. We ended up beginning our walk back to the hostel as I at first refused to get into another slimy taxi. But then we ended up going through a dodgy industrial area to which Tom flagged down the first taxi we saw, which only ended up being 150CZK!! And with that we were back in bed and the night truly over haha! 
The next day we checked out of the hostel and made our way with our bags into the Old Town area, we took in more of the big buildings around and came across the Wenceslas Square which was busy with people. We got some breakfast and strolled around until 11am. The sun was out in full force that Sunday and so the heat was significantly more noticeable. By midday we decided we were satisfied by our experience of Prague and ready to sit down on a train again and make our way to our next destination.. Vienna. 
Prague is probably on of the first cities we both felt we would definitely like to go back to for a holiday, it had a very lively atmosphere and was very enjoyable to spend time in and I think there would be even more amazing and unique places there to discover with more time..

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