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Travelling Europe: Salzburg

As this trip creeps further and further away into memories I have to admit I'm finding it harder to re-account everything we did and with detail. It's such a shame, even though I did keep a diary log I wish I had been more specific and consistent with certain details. The one thing I have to continuously feel good about is the fact that I did take so many wonderful pictures, and even if my mood or the temperature don't stay in my memory, each snap shot will. And that I am grateful for. 
Saying all that here's my account of the lovely Salzburg. We didn't stay there long, it was more of a stop off point on our way to the Berchtesgaden National Park. We arrived to Salzburg in the evening with a place at a campsite booked, so we used our phones to find it. It was a pleasant walk that didn't take to long and allowed us to really take in the beautiful surroundings. We spent some of the journey trying to guess which mountain the Eagles Nest was perched apon - the attraction we were hoping to visit the following day. We arrived at the campsite around 7pm and set up in a small patch of grass, across from us we met a woman from America who was kind enough to introduce herself and asked about our trip, she was cycling through Europe which was incredible and wanted to let us know she was leaving quite early in the morning. 
In the morning we decided that instead of heading on straight to Berchtesgaden we would like to spend a day in Salzburg to visit the castle and whatever else it had to offer. We packed up camp quite early and then took a bus back into the centre where we were able to fully see what the town had to offer. A big river separated the town, the water a opaque light blue, unlike anywhere I'd yet seen. We crossed the bridge littered with "love lockets" and headed on towards the castle we could see up on a hill in the distance. We managed to get ourselves into a lot of walking again, steps and more steps lead all the way up to a gate where we were then told we had to pay to go further (grrrr) so we paid considering we had just walked all that way and got access into the castle which involved more steep walking, but inevitably a great view of the surrounding area. I really loved the colours in Salzburg. White buildings with pale blue rooftops to match that of the river. We walked around the grounds but ended up getting quite lost (or at least we just walked around in circles without getting to where we wanted). It was nice way to spend the afternoon though and the weather was ever so mild, I certainly miss the consistent warmth :( Around 4pm we walked back down and went to find the bus that would take us to Berchtesgaden, we had a bit of a wait so sat along the river until it was time to catch the bus.

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