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Travelling Europe: Saxon-Switzerland National Park ~Part Two~

Hello! Today I've been having a lovely relaxed day, getting everything done around the house before my family returns. Now I'm going to write this post and then go out and read in the sun for a bit until Tom finishes work. 
Our second day in the National Park was just as amazing. We woke up a bit later than the day before and got ready a bit slower, taking our time to set down the tent and pack everything back onto our bags. We left the campsite at 11.30am and walked back into the town to buy some food for lunch and also catch a train up the river to a small village called Kurort Rathen where we could then walk to the Bastei Bridge from. The village was really cute, it was spread across the river and to get to the other side we had to get a sort of shuttle boat that goes from one side of the river to the other all day. Once on the other side we used maps provided in the area to select the correct route to the Bastei and headed off. The walk wasn't too long, it must of took us atleast 40 minutes maybe more to get to the top, but the fact we had all our kit on us and it was sunnier made the walk much harder than the day before. Plus it was basically all stairs up a mountain haha, which by now seemed inevitable. We got to the bridge which allowed incredible views all around the surrounding area and continued on past it to several views points. At one we stopped for some lunch which was nice and then continued on looking around and taking pictures. This part was a lot busier than where we were the day before, as you can imagine, because it was the main attraction to this lovely area. Around 4pm we began to head back down and made our way to the Bad Schandau train station to wait for our train to Prague. 

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