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Travelling Europe: Schwerin

I've resorted to almost black coffee to wake myself up in order to write this post. The weather is so indecisive lately, one minute its boiling and I need my windows open and my fan on and the next I'm closing them all and wrapped up in my cardigan. I'm slowly getting used to it, and actually feeling better about being home now, especially since I have the house to myself and my cat to keep me company. I'll just be finishing my shreddies (not the most obvious afternoon snack) and then I'll be straight into the writing. Right...

Our train to Schwerin departed Hamburg at 3pm, to us this was perfect. We would arrive in just under an hour and a half giving us still a good portion of the day to look around. The journey was pleasant and quick. We arrived and using Tom's sense of direction headed off. We knew barely anything about Schwerin, only that there was a big beautiful castle on an island and a cathedral. As soon as we arrived we liked it, it was spacious, clean and had lovely neutral coloured buildings. Quite the change from urban Hamburg! We first came across a smaller lake (still quite big!), which opened us up to a better view of the town. From there we could tell where the center was - and we hoped the castle - and headed in that direction. We headed down street after street, all creating for us a better picture of the place we had just arrived in, when suddenly there it was. As we turned into a larger street we could in the distance the big glowing beauty that was Schwerin Castle. Excited by such a glorious sight we immediately quickened pace and headed in its direction. It was so beautiful and went hand in hand with the radient weather we had arrived to.  We explored around for a while, taking in the views provided inside the castle gardens. The lakes surrounding the castle looked amazing! We sat down talking about how wonderful it would be to row a boat across or to even camp beside the lake. We looked into it deeply for a while, but such wishes were not to be granted as the nearest campsite was only reachable by car. Instead we decided we were peckish and headed off to find some dinner. Whilst we were eating we began looking for a place to stay for the night. Now I know that the time we were looking for a place to stay was way too late! But to us then in Schwerin seemed perfectly alright, and it was alright! We found a place, booked it and gave our arrival time as 8pm. After finishing food we headed off to the hostel, which wasn't too far from the center. Only on arrival did we realise something wasn't right. No one was answering the door. After a few minutes of buzzing and knocking we set to our phones and found the number for the hostel. No one was answering. Until all of a sudden I got a call back, it was the hostel owner and through broken English we discovered the hostel closed at 6.30pm. To our luck (and because we had paid a deposit) the hostel owner came around in her car and let us inside. We were so grateful, especially after contemplating the possibility of having no where to sleep for the night. She showed us up some very steep steps to our room, it was just perfect and the double bed seemed like a luxury. We immediately settled down for the night. 
The next day we got up early again and left straight away with the intention of finding breakfast. We came across a cafe that sold bread rolls and asked them if we could have jam on it and orange juice to drink. What a pleasant breakfast!! We were then ready to begin another day of exploring. This time we deliberately tried to lose our way, to find curious looking streets that would take us to another area. We ended up coming out into a main shopping area with a mall where we purchased some delicious cherries - I was so happy to realise they were in season! - And so we continued on walking, we headed back to the castle and decided to walk to the right where there were parks of trees and sculptures, that was really enjoyable to walk around. We went to find lunch back in the center and then decided to head back to the first lake we visited to relax in the sun a bit before we worked out what to do next. On the way to the lake we took in the ginormous cathedral which we couldn't find the entrance to and found some uniquely German places along the way. At the lake we sat down and got out the speakers to listen to music. We looked at our map of Schwerin to see if there was anything else we fancied doing but decided, similarly to the day before, to make a move to our next stop, Berlin. This journey was the first opportunity we had to use our Interrail passes, (since they became valid on the 28th) it felt exciting beginning our log of train journeys. After one stop and a pretzel to share, we were only an hour away from the capital of Germany. 

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  1. Really good blog Louise,looking forward to the next installment!


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