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Travelling Europe: Amalfi

It's so great arriving at a new place having no idea what to expect, slowly creating an opinion that you'll voice out whenever someone asks 'what did you think of this place'. Amalfi seemed different from the two towns we had just visited. Smaller and a less attractive water front, but incredibly busy, and undeniably we fell in love with the place. 
On arriving late afternoon we sat by the sea and began to find a place to stay for the night. It was handy waiting till the last minute to book a place because we could base it on how far away it was from where we were at the time, and we often got cheaper deals. Maybe this wasn't the case in Amalfi.. We found a hotel behind the main road heading up the mountain called Hotel Amalfi (you can't get two of those now can you?!) It cost us 100 euros a night and although we had originally only booked the one night, extended our stay to two. After checking in we spent the evening, strolling around exploring the new town and had a meal by the sea. The next day we found a place we could rent canoes just off the beach and so around midday we took one each out and began exploring the coastline. That was so amazing, but a lot of work! There were so many boats about - big and very big that we had to avoid, and they made the sea very unsettled, so most the time we were rowing over waves (which were of course quite fun). We rowed until we came across a private beach that belonged to a hotel, we were hungry so we pulled up our canoes and then went into the restaurant for some food, and then began our row back to Amalfi, stopping off a little coves and beaches along the way. When we got back to our hotel we realised we had gotten pretty burnt - being sat in the sun for the past three hours! Oups!! We spent that evening walking around again through the streets and alleys, stopping at all the beautiful shops on the way. We found dinner hidden in small courtyard inbetween narrow streets and then after some delicious gelato sat on the stairs of the Duomo, we headed to the harbour to sit watching day turn into night and all the lights on the mountainside glow a warm orange. 

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