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Travelling Europe: Bomeramo

For us arriving at Bomeramo was complete chance (and maybe even fate). In Amalfi we had decided to dismiss our original plan of walking to Positano - around 17km away and instead began looking at places to stay for the night in Positano. Big wake up call.. It was so expensive!! Like crazy money, the cheapest per night was at least 250 euros. So we quickly realised that wasn't happening anytime soon, so using the Amalfi Coast bus route and timetable, looked up places in between Amalfi and Positano that were cheap to stay in. The cheapest turned out to be Bomeramo, which we weren't too keen on at first because it was away from the coast in the mountains, but then using our hiking book we saw that it would be a nice walk to Praino - a coastal town and from there we could then go on to Positano. So off to Bomeramo we went. 
It was funny, because there were so many tourists in the bus we were in and they were talking about a walk they were doing "Are you getting off at Bomeramo to do the walk?" "Yeah do you know when to get off" (They were all American). I thought nothing of it only that of course there were plenty of walks to do all along the Amalfi Coast. It was only until that evening when we decided to explore the town a bit did we realise that basically the most famous walk of the Amalfi Coast started right there in that town!!! How lucky is that! We decided to walk some of it that evening and the views were incredible. We discussed it and decided that instead of walking down to Praino, we would set of early morning and do the full walk from Bomeramo to Positano. The Path of Gods!! 

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