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Travelling Europe: Florence

Florence for us was pretty much the last place on our list before setting off back home. We arrived there around mid-afternoon and after some confusion found where we were staying (it was a BnB inside a warehouse so we originally went straight past it). After settling in we set out to explore. We were both pretty hungry - I don't think we had had a decent lunch. So we sat down at the first restaurant we saw and filled our stomachs. We came across the cathedral first and I couldn't believe how amazing it was! I hadn't been expecting it at all. I loved all the detailing of it and its unusual colours. We then walked on towards the river, to see the other part that Florence is famous for. The ponte vecchio. It was so busy lmao! And people selling artwork everywhere. We walked across the bridge, taking in its uniqueness and looked around a bit on the otherside before stopping at a bridge a bit further down. The sun was setting by now and we didn't really want to head back to our room just yet. So we found a ledge hidden behind the wall of the bridge to sit down on and watch the sun set, with a tub of delicious gelato to share. It was so beautiful! The colours so warm and lovely. We sat their until the sun disappeared and only the colours of dusk remained and then began a slow walk back, stopping at a small pizzeria on the way. 
The next day we decided to explore Florence some more and headed past the Catherdral and the river to a castle further up. We had set out early (around 9am) so it was crazy to see such ginormous queues for the Cathedral already. No way were we going to join them, although I bet the inside is magnificent. So we found a castle up on the hillside and bought tickets to go have a wander around and got a good view of the whole of Florence - such a beautiful city. Once we felt we'd done enough we made our way to the train station and began our journey to our final destination, Pisa. 

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