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Travelling Europe: Hiking to Maori

Our hike to Maori was incredible! I don't want to write too much in this post because I've just read my diary entries below and they describe perfectly the journey and our stay in Maori. It was so so beautiful, we set out around midday from Salerno and collapsed on a beach in Maori 7 hours later, relieved we no longer had steps to descend. It was so beautiful I really cannot express that enough, I felt so in my element whenever we hiked the Amalfi Coast because it was so rewarding with views of the sea and mountains all around us. This was the longest walk we did in the Amalfi Coast and we were incredibly lucky it was cloudy because without a doubt we wouldn't of been able to do it in the strong sun. We used a book I purchased on Amazon (picture of it further down) which is part of a Sunflower Landscape series. If you are into hiking I cannot recommend this book enough - we wouldn't of been able to do the walks we had without it (unless you had a guide), it had a map, and details descriptions of the landscape as we walked the route with information on distance and time. The walk was so much fun, at times it wasn't always clear which direction we should of been heading so we would end up scrambling downhill looking for paths further down. A lot of it was within woodland, but it would open out at peaks giving you incredible views of the villages along the coastline and the landscape ahead. All along the route we came across shrines, monasteries and ruins of buildings. It was such an adventure. I would do anything to be hiking the wilderness again :( I feel like I really just belong in the middle of nowhere with a backpack, instead of here in civilization waiting to head back to work... But alas I will no doubt be out and about again, and I can only encourage other people to do the same. Behold the beauty you could have surrounding you!!! Once we reached the last mountain peak we descended cautiously downhill, some of the paths were so sketchy! Apon entering the towns outskirts - lemon, grape and lime farms inhabited the steep hillside - we were walking down only steps, hundreds apon hundreds of steps. It was never ending! It really was a testing experience because we had to just keep on descending! Our legs would shake uncontrollably if we stopped!! Collapsing on the beach was the best feeling, we practically ran towards it, and then we relaxed, massaged our legs a bit and then found a place to stay for the night. 

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