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Travelling Europe: Maori to Minori

Maori to Minori and then onto Amalfi (but thats the next post). I feel like Maori and Minori were both the coastal towns that no one had mentioned to us, but thinking back they were probably the prettiest towns we visited along the Amalfi Coast (not including Positano which although was stunning was ridiculously crowded). We awoke later than usual - we needed to recover from our walk of course! - and began slowly getting ready for the day ahead. We had breakfast overlooking the beach and then walked around the town for a bit to take it all in. Around midday we began our walk to Minori, its neighbouring town and a little over 1km away. It only involved hiking back up hill and then back downhill into the next valley. Simple right? Well what a difference the brilliant sun made. We really had to take our time, still aching from the walk the day before and with little shelter we stopped whenever necessary to hydrate ourselves with our already warm water - we were used to it by now although it wasn't refreshing at all. The walk was really nice though, we got good views of both towns and met plenty of creatures along the way (mostly little kitty cats that we fed breadsticks instead of eating them ourselves). 
Once we arrived at Minori we headed straight to the beach, walking right to the end where it was less crowded. We probably looked quite a sight as we thumped our bags to the pebbles and with a quick change into swim suits, plunged into the cool sea. It was so lovely!! We swam around, sunbathed and then swam some more before we decided to make our way on to Amalfi. It was a truly great day of relaxing and exploring :) Even though we were still walking lots the trip was slowly beginning to feel more like a relaxing holiday and we still had two weeks to go! 

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