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Travelling Europe: Our Cabin in the Woods

A short post that doesn't really fit into anything else so I thought I'd write it separately. 
On arriving at out campsite in Croatia we settled into our cute little cabin and then set out for some dinner. There was a restuarant north of the site and although quite expensive we decided to eat there and fill our stomachs well. Whilst eating we spotted a group of people with lilos walking towards the restuarant still wet. Was there a pool we thought, or could you maybe get to the river from the campsite? After our meal around 8pm we began walking in the direction they had come from and found a sign for a "water trail" so we followed that and ended up going down to the river that was sectioned out into bathing areas. It was so beautiful, the water was such a lovely colour and it seemed so relaxing. Tom decided first that he was going in and after recovering from the initial chilly shock - the sun hadn't been on it for some time - convinced me to come in aswell. It was really nice, until we became aware of the amount of insects that were buzzing around us. Bees, wasps, mosquitos we couldn't make out what they were, all I knew was that they were freaking Tom out and causing me to almost drown from laughter. It was so refreshing swimming in fresh water though! We soon got out and began out walk/run back to our cabin. The insects in Croatia are savage!! Relentless wasps that are actually out to get you, biiiig big spiders and so many other weird things, we tried not to think about it. But had a lovely evening nonetheless. And beautiful flora unlike any I'd seen so far!!

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