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Travelling Europe: The Path of Gods and Positano

Our hike to Positano began early morning before 8am. We walked through the town, buying some fresh breakfast on the way and then finding the path we had taken the day before and beginning our route along the Path of Gods. It was a pleasant walk (and stunning of course) the sun was rising behind the mountains, so we didn't have to worry about it getting too hot too quickly. We began our walk with a furry companion who seemed to appear and then disappear out of nowhere, with no owners around. At first we thought it had escaped from its owner and would want to stay with us from then on (I was partly hoping this, although it would of complicated things) but alas it eventually ran off. Compared to our first hike (to Maori) this one didn't take as long - maybe only 5 hours or so. We didn't change height too often either, more so we followed the mountain ranges round until we had to descend into Positano. The views were magnificent aswell, we could see all the way to the Island of Capri (another destination on our journey). The paths however weren't straight forward - but this is the case for most of the Amalfi Coast. At points we would have to climb up or down rocks using our hands to guide us! For me this is great, I love a challenge :D But its not a walk for everyone, especially at times you're so close to the edge. We loved it though and we crossed quite a few people along the way either walking towards Bomeramo or taking a break on their way to Positano. Towards the end of course we reached stairs and in some ways these ones were harder than the ones into Maori, because they were steeper, and so many more with out a break or change of direction!! Towards the end we came across a young American couple already out of breath climbing up the stairs, they must of been crazy! We lied and told them they didn't have that many left but my god we wouldn't of done it hahaha! Arriving in Positano it was immediately obvious the wealth of the area, we came across a donkey carrying luggage which annoyed us both :( As we got further in, close to sea level we walked through narrow streets full of people, with shops either side selling clothes and art and ceramics. It was busy, really busy! And for us exhausted and hungry it wasn't so great to arrive to. Especially when by the beach we so happened to glance at a menu... 20 euros for the cheapest mains option!! Wow. Thankfully we found a small takeaway pizza place where we got one to share for 5 euros and then enjoyed a gelato each. 
Positano seemed beautiful and really a lovely place for a holiday, but for us at that time there didn't seem like a lot we could do, unless we wanted to lie on the beach, but it was midday and already way above 30 degrees so we decided against it and instead to find a place for the night in Sorrento. 

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