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Travelling Europe: Plitvice Lakes

Yay, I'm so glad I'm onto this National Park because these photos are so so stunning, I don't even care that I've uploaded 60+. Plitvice was so incredibly breath-taking. On arrival to the park you're within a forestry area where you're made to queue up to buy your day-passes. We got a two day pass assuming we wouldn't be able to do it all in one day and with our bags on our backs headed on inside. We followed a path down and suddenly came to a clearing where there before us (the first image below) was the incredible National Park in all its glory. The biggest waterfall - the veliki slap - lay ahead of us and following the paths and boardwalks down led us almost underneath it. I can't say enough how beautiful this National Park was, we spent all of the first day walking around it, first doing the main tourist walk that took about an hour, and then we ventured off higher into the trees surrounding, and also walked for an hour and a half along side most of the lakes. That was really nice because we had the long winding path to ourselves for most of it - there were boats available to get from one end of the park to the other, so most people did that, which benefited us!! It was so lovely and relaxing walking along with the dragonflies zipping and hovering around you, and the plentiful salmon that inhabit the waters. We sat down a few times, first for some lunch and then in a few other places to have a snack and share it with the surrounding animals. (We befriended a duck and hanged out with him for a while, and when I didn't want my sandwich anymore fed it to the fishies). We headed back to the entrance by 4pm feeling worn out from all the walking and raging heat. We were easily experiencing mid-30's most days now. We stayed another night in the little cabin again, and had a swim a bit earlier this time down in the river - we were chased away by insects yet again however.. - The next day we couldn't help but wonder how we were going to spend another paid day in the national park, then on our long quiet walk alongside the lakes we spotted a place to hire rowing boats, so we did that and spent around two hours exploring the lakes and trying to see how close we could get to the waterfalls without taking in water. That was a lot of fun. We stopped for lunch again and then decided to walk our way back to the entrance, pick our bags up from the luggage room and make our way to our next destination - Zadar. 
If anyone reading this gets the chance to explore Croatia I implore you to go to this national park, its so so stunning and although you can't swim in it (that may seem like a downside but trust me its not) the natural untouched beauty of the area is breathtaking and unlike anywhere else!! I'm feeling so sad looking through all these pictures because it's a miserable grey - GREY! There isn't even a hint of grey in these photos and I look outside my window now and all I can see is GREY - day today and that is just mighty depressing. What I would do to be in Croatia right now :( 

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