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Travelling Europe: Rome

We began that day on the Island of Capri and caught a boat late morning to Napoli. From the port we made our way straight to the train station, only walking along main busy roads. Napoli scared me and I don't know why, I think it was the fact Tom decided to tell me all about the mafia history around it and also I was in the process of reading an amazing series of books based in Napoli (which gave an honest picture of it). I'd love to explore Napoli, but I think I'd like to know someone who lives there first!! We stopped only for a pizza - an unsurprisingly amazing pizza! Although I didn't realise at the time Napoli was famous for its pizza! At the train station we found a train our passes would be valid for and caught it around 2 I think, maybe later. We arrived in Rome around 5pm and began our walk to the BnB we had booked for the night, it wasn't too far from the train station and was close to Colosseum which worked in our favour! We checked in and dropped off our bags and then decided to head out to explore for the evening. That was a lot of fun and it was so warm I didn't even take out a hoodie with me. After setting sight on the Colosseum we went and found some dinner, although it was hard trying to find somewhere that wasn't touristy. Then we returned to the Colosseum and strolled around there for a while, before getting some gelato and heading back to our room for the night.
The next day we left earlyish with our bags on our backs and using a map tried to walk round to as many landmark attractions as possible. We couldn't believe how much busier it had gotten compared to the evening before! Queues of people everywhere near the Colosseum, although it would have been amazing and really interesting to go inside, we just didn't have the patience to queue and queue for the benefit. Plus it was not clear at all which queue you needed to be in and how much it would be (probably a lot!) We walked around that area for a bit and tried to see what we could of the ruins and then headed on around. I wish I had my map of Rome with me right now but I'm not home haha, so I can't name all these big buildings but we saw plenty! I enjoyed looking at the ruins most, its amazing how well preserved they are, and also I love the statues. Throughout the whole of this trip the statues we've seen have been incredible!! It's really something you don't get in the UK much at all. The only downside to Rome is how crowded it is, when we came across the famous fountains we could barely get a clear view, there were people everywhere!! We resorted to standing back in the shade where we could kind of peer over peoples heads but I don't think we really got to enjoy the fountain for what it was, also sometimes you can't help but wonder why people are drawn to things. Do they only want a photo with such a place because it's so well known? If there was another fountain just as beautiful, but less popular would people want photos with it just the same? I don't know.. For me all these big buildings and statues and fountains are amazing yes and impressive but the thing I really love about cities are the same hidden parts that maybe no one else will notice or consider as interesting, yet these quiet streets with its humble fruit stall and bakery are what really makes a place what it is.
We walked back to Roma Termani with the intention of finding a train to Venice that would be covered by our rail passes. No such luck. To get a train out of Rome we would have to buy a ticket, and to Venice we'd be looking at having to spend around 90 euros each. Ridiculous!! So we were definitely not going to do that. We spent a while in the train station looking through our options and seeing as we had booked an apartment in Venice for the night coming we had to find a way to get there. Then Tom found a coach service that although the journey was 7 hours would get us to Venice for 15 euros each - so much better. So we booked that and then began our walk which took around 40 minutes to the coach station and from there began our long long journey through the Italian countryside.

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