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Travelling Europe: Sorrento

We arrived in Sorrento early afternoon, after an hour or so bus journey. The city was beautiful! We got off before the center and walked towards our hotel, gazing out across the sea towards the mighty Mt Vesuvius. Our hotel was lovely, we settled in and relaxed for a bit before heading back out for an evening meal. We strolled the streets until we came across a small restaurant in a narrow road away from the crowds. The food was delicious and afterwards we made our way to the coast to watch the sunset while sharing a tub of chocolate gelato. We had two days booked in Sorrento, but didn't spend all our time there. The next day (it'll be in a seperate post) we travelled to Pompeii and then arrived back in Sorrento around 5pm. We went for food and then spent the darkening hours strolling down to the sea and sitting on a platoon talking and watching the stars. It was so pleasant, and a really lovely place to stay! Everyone had scooters and were wizzing around the windy roads. It didn't seem too big either, we found our way around easily whilst still enjoying exploring the narrow streets busy with clothes and souvenir shops. I think so long as you avoid the obvious tourist trap bars and restaurants (they usually have way too big of a seating area) you can really enjoy the real Italian feel of a place. Sorrento was definitely a lovely place to visit and the views across the sea were a delight. 

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