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Travelling Europe: Split to Salerno

We arrived in Split early afternoon and with our ferry at 8pm that evening. The coach took us beside the port which was useful because we got to see where we needed to go later that day. Split was crazy!! We didn't expect at all the lively party atmosphere we arrived to. There must of been a festival that weekend nearby, because there were so many people with backpacks and in party gear. To get out of the port we walked along a path with stalls on one side, selling everything from tops, sunglasses, glow in the dark body paint, postcards and bags, blasting music all the while and people bussled past. We got to the end of that street and came to a junction that gave us a clear view of the streets around us. It was so crowded!! We attempted on going a less crowded way, down side streets and small alleys to try and get a sense of the real Split. The houses were beautiful, they looked as though they had been left to age, with large courtyards joined at the end of several streets allowing people to sit in the sun to eat and drink. We quickly decided to avoid the busyness of the central area and headed up hill to a forest park that I had researched beforehand. We had a map with us and it showed a path that took you to a beach so we decided to follow that. But after about 20 minutes when we hadn't come to any of the turnings shown, got a bit confused about where we were. It turned out after constant walking and inspection of the map that we hadn't considered how large the park actually was! We had a long walk ahead of us if we wanted to reach the beach we had intended, but there was a turning we could take that would take us back round towards the center. So we followed that route and slowly walked back. I didn't take many pictures inside the park and its actually down to the fact a huge rain storm came over us (just our luck) whilst walking through. It was probably the most torrential rain we experienced throughout the whole trip and it was great luck we had decent waterproofs - for our bag aswell - as it seemed no one else was prepared for the oncoming storm. We got soaked!! It was quite a hilarity, with strong winds blowing against us we had quite an amusing walk until we found shelter in a quirky restaurant hidden up some stairs in a narrow street. We sat down and ate a delicious pasta dish and then quickly headed on our way to our ferry! 
It was relatively straight forward getting on and hugely exciting! We got our tickets from the office and then followed the directions into the huge gaping entrance to the ferry. We had booked a 4-person cabin (the smallest size available) with a window view which I was so excited about. We stayed in our cabin for a short while, settling down and lingering until we were sure no one would join us for the two remaining beds (maybe they don't allow that anymore). Then headed down onto deck to watch the boat set sail and leave the coast of Croatia. The journey was rough to say the least! I had taken sea-sickness pills so was hoping I wouldn't feel the drops and sways in my stomach and we sat down in the bar to look out at the ever darkening sky and sea. On returning up on the deck we couldn't believe how windy it was, it was so difficult walking down the sides of the boat. It was cool for sure though and if it wasn't for my drowsiness from the pills I would of liked to stay up longer, but I was eventually falling asleep sitting down. So we headed to our cabin and fell asleep swiftly, and I have to say I had a wonderful sleep - maybe it was the rocking! - 
When we woke up at 5am the boat was rocking ever so drastically. And on each sway alarms would ring for how ever long the boat would lean in one direction. It was a sight to see for sure! And quite an amusing challenge to try and get about and get ready. By half 6 we found a buffet for breakfast and then grabbed our bags and headed to the foyer ready to be let off the boat. Hello Italy!! We arrived at Ancona no later than 7am and began to make our way straight to the train station - we had quite the day of travelling ahead of us. From Ancona we got a train to Rome, had an hour and a half free to dash and find some lunch and then from there another train to Salerno. In total we were travelling for about 7 hours and arrived at Salerno ready to crash for the night. 

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