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Travelling Europe: Venice

Mega determined to have a blogging day today (3 posts left) although I have about 10 other things to be getting on with and about 7 hours to get them done. 
I'm so so glad we made the time to visit Venice, and that we made it a really nice relaxing stay. We found an adorable little apartment with a garden on AirBnb and booked it for 3 nights, giving us enough time to have a little break away in such a beautiful city. We fell in love with Venice, head over heels in love. It's such an amazingly beautiful city, so clean and colourful and magical. There's no cars - simply because there is not a single road. Transport is merely by foot, boat taxi or boat bus, but it's easy enough to spend your time (as we did) strolling around with your eyes darting everywhere followed by a camera snapping up every cute windowsill, canal and alleyway. 
We arrived in the night and managed to get a boat bus to a point where our apartment was (the east side of the city, out of the center), it was past midnight so we quickly finished the day there curled up in bed. The next day we headed out first thing to do some shopping. We were a street away from a main road which was full of shops, cafes, bars and bakeries. We got ourselves some breakfast and then headed back to enjoy it before heading out around 11am to begin our exploration of Venice. That first day we just walked around plenty, we found our way into the center which was so so much busier! It was amazing how avoidable it was though if you didn't want the crowds. We would be turning down quieter alleys and suddenly it'd seem we were alone in the city. The evening we found a quiet restaurant to enjoy a meal and then wandered with some gelato, sat by a canal and watched the boats speed by until we decided to head back to the apartment.
The next day it was rainy, we took our time in the morning, enjoying having an apartment to ourselves and then headed out to find something to do away from the rain. Around midday as we sat having some lunch in a trendy pizzeria the rain stopped and the sun emerged and once again we had a pleasant afternoon ahead of us. We explored some more and then headed to a big park near our apartment to sit and enjoy the heat and have a drink or two. That evening we made a meal inside and had two bottles of Prosseco between us, and then we decided to head out slightly tipsy into the maze that Venice was. We made it into the center and found a bar and got a few more drinks until they started blaring rubbish music, we then decided to just stroll the streets (with the intention of getting lost maybe) until we realised we actually were lost and both our phones had died and we were considerably drunk!!! It was quite hilarious, if you can try to imagine us stumbling round Venice trying to find our way back home. Miraculously we did and collapsed in bed with an alarm for 7am the next day.
We had a coach to catch! At 9.55am and it was on the mainland of Venice (at least an hour away). Our original plan was to get a boat bus to the mainland which was fine until I was on it and was right on the verge of throwing up.. We got off very quickly and then calculated the quickest way to walk there on our phones and set off at marching pace. Thankfully we made it and were soon on our way to Florence!!
Venice was 100% one our favourite places from this trip (Maybe even my top city!) If anyone is thinking of a short city break, go here! It's so beautiful I don't know how anyone couldn't fall in love with it!! 

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