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Travelling Europe: Zadar

Another beautiful location hidden along the coast of Croatia. Zadar was our first destination by the sea so far in our trip and we were so happy to see it! We didn't arrive in the town too late - maybe 5pm and caught a bus past the old town to where we were staying. We found the place - a large house, just across the road from the beach (we were already so excited to head down there) and met the owners who showed us to our room, which to our surprise was a full apartment! We were so happy, within paying the owner we decided we had to stay for another day and fully relax! Our first stop was of course the beach where we went for a lovely swim in the warm sea and then relaxed along the shore until the evening. Our first night we made a meal in the kitchen although it was difficult as we didn't have very many ingredients at our disposal. We slept well (apart from a 4am mosquito situation) and woke ready to take it easy and slowly begin the day. We decided to spend the first part of the day in the Old Town of Zadar, so with a map in hand took a bus back into the centre and then walked through the gateway into the Old Town. There's a large brick wall going all around the old town, which is also a lovely park which we walked around on once we found the stairs going up. Zadar was really nice to walk around, it had narrow streets, tall buildings and everything was a shiny creamy white colour. The cobbled roads were so shiny I was convinced they were slippery. We walked around for a few hours, finding our way to the coast and the intriguing sea organ that blares out slow deep noises and the solar sun on the ground which we didn't really understand (I think it looked better at night, but we didn't get to see that). We walked to St. Donatus  and climbed the clock tower giving us a panoramic view of the surrounding land. Had some lunch from one of the street stalls and a juicy apricot from the sheltered fruit stalls, rows apon rows of the same delicious fruit. We made our way up to the wall gardens and strolled around until finally decided to head back to our neighbouring beach, for the remaining hours of daylight swimming and relaxing in the sun. Of course we were tempted by the jet ski's and had heaps of fun wizzing about for what felt much longer than 15 minutes. It was so nice, a real day off from wearing the backpacks - and we surely needed it!! In the evening we found a restaurant along the coast and sat down for dinner as the sun set behind us, still a lovely warm breeze in the air. 

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