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Ibiza 2016 Day Two and Three

I'm really liking this fresh Autumn weather at the moment. Maybe it helps I had a good majority of my summer enjoying the sun. It's a shame I barely have any time to write this post. I have to leave for work in about 30 minutes and it feels like I've only just sat down. I had a really nice weekend off which was spent definitely relaxing and taking it easy. On Sunday, Tom's family had a Sunday lunch which was nice and we spent the evening getting cosy by the fire. Now I'm in work until Saturday with a mix of mornings and evenings (plus two doubles), so I'm finding it quite hard to make any plans in the upcoming weeks. Only very short term plans (by the day) and super long term plans (next year) lol. Fun fun fun. I'd like to have catch ups with a lot of people, so it's frustrating when I know I'm too all over the place at the moment to set any plans. I'm hoping to be visiting Rose's new flat on Friday though! That should be fun. 

Anyways shall I talk about Ibiza? Day two was a Monday, and Tom turned up around 10am ready to spend a couple of days with us, although he did collapse apon arrival... We had a pretty chilled day on Monday. Me and Aggie went exploring San Antoni again and brought some lunch back with us. Then in the afternoon we headed round the bay to the artificial beach for some sunbathing and swimming, although the water wasn't too nice. Around 3/4pm we began to get ready for our first night out in Ibiza - Circoloco at DC-10. We made our way there around 6pm and boogied the night away to Solomun and a bunch of other DJ's I hadn't heard of before (I'll have to get round to looking them up!) It was a really good night and we ended up staying till about 3/4am and then caught a taxi back and crashed for the night.
The next day we had a lazy morning and bought lunch from a nearby take-away. In the afternoon we headed out to the rocks along the coast where our special little cave was still. Tom and Aggie enjoyed the sea but I didn't feel like it so chilled in the sun for a while. Then in the evening we had a meal at an amazing chinese restaurant that was seconds from our apartment, and then went to go sit along the sunset strip until it got dark. 
I'll try fit in another post soon!

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