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Ibiza Polaroids

Today I feel like doing absolutely nothing apart from sit in my room and stare out of my window at the lovely blue sky. What a perfect day! I feel as though I've only just noticed it. I feel drained today, happy but drained. Since arriving home from work I've been chatting to my mum and then scanned in these pictures to get into a blog post.
I guess these are the first glimpses into my Ibiza trip for most of you reading this. A bit of a random jumble of poses and smiles. I wasn't sure if I wanted to take my Lomo Instant out with my because of difficulty in the past, but Aggie ended up being my technical charm and we had so much fun with it!! I only got a few over or under exposed pics. I will get round to writing a bigger post with all the digital pictures soon, today I'm feeling ultra lazy though and in the back of my mind I have a list of a thousand things (it feels) I could be getting on with. For now I'll just enjoy the scent of my jasmine candle and finally finish my 1000 page book (and possibly start its 800 page sequel.. yikes). I'm actually really looking forward to Autumn and Winter, although I love Summer, something feels special about the colder months. I just have to get used to cycling in the freezing cold at five in the morning again! 
I'll try write again tomorrow

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