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Travelling Europe Film Four

I realise this has taken me a while, but I am fully focused in getting these travelling film rolls developed, posted and finally in a scrapbook before the end of next January. I have a lot to do in these next coming months!! I need to slowly begin clearing out my room of its clutter. Cupboards where decade old items lay untouched, now to be rejected for a final time.. It's mostly old school work that I'm sure I'm never ever going to need again. Me and Tom have loads of lovely dance events coming up that I'm crossing my fingers and toes I can get off work. We went out on Friday night for Halloween with a few other people and it was just so nice to get out and dance and let the stress slip away.. October was pretty quiet for us and it definitely had an affect!! Also we put a deposit down for our skiing holiday in January which I am really excited for! I'm going to have to learn LMAO! But I am really looking forward to be in a cold, snowy environment, surrounded by mountains and pine trees (yippee). I'll leave the update there as I'll be writing an October post very soon as tomorrow is the beginning of November. 

For now here is my fourth film from our summer travelling adventure!! These pictures are from Prague with the last 8 taken in Vienna. As I said I plan on powering through these film pictures so you can look forward to more posts in the coming weeks! 

If you fancy reading through the posts of these places that have my digital pictures on them, just click through on the links below! 


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