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What I Did In September

Hello!! I'm back and trying to make a start on all the blog posts I have to do. I wish I was in a better mood while writing this but I'm annoyed because I've managed to spend the money I wanted to put into savings (not all of it but its still annoying). Also I have to leave for work in an hour, when to be honest I'd really rather relax and read. September was a really good month, made better by a 5 day escape to Ibiza. These pictures are just from my times out and about in Cardiff and I have more holiday and travelling posts coming separately (they're never ending!!) I currently have a queue of about 10 films to develop, which is sad because by the time I'll get to September pics I'm sure it'll be past November. Bare with me guys! Apart from blogging thats keeping me on my toes I have a travelling scrapbook to make, although I haven't even thought about starting it yet. Also there's plenty of music events that I really want to go to and should really admit I can't afford, but I will probably go to regardless because hey! I love dancing :) Hmm.. Yeah I'm fucking busy.. Pushing my hours in work up to 40 so that I can look forward to decent pays and put a heck of a lot away, but I've got another 3 weeks to go and am already below budget so Louise is going to spend £0 in 3 weeks :D I wonder how I'll get on.. At least I have my bike to get around on. 
I feel like I should have more to update you on but nothings coming to mind. I wish I was in a better writing mood but I'm not so I guess just enjoy the pics below and look out for more posts coming shortly! 
London Jewellery Show: 
Walks with Wally:
London with Aggie and Bristol with Tom:

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