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Travelling Europe Film Eight

I feel so ready to make the most of today, even though I only got out of bed two hours ago. It's a unexpectedly sunny day and I'm not in work for the first Saturday since October. 

Things are going great... And I have exciting news.. I'm moving out of home!! In a matter of weeks in fact. Its all happening so fast and me and Tom have such a crazy jam-packed December that I can't comprehend how we're going to fit the whole process in. But it'll happen and soon I'll be writing posts on one of our sofas in the living room, or round the corner on my desk in my study spot, or maybe lounging on the bed looking across the rooftops of Cardiff Bay. I'M SO EXCITED!!!  
As you may know I've kind of begun clearing my room, but there's always so much more to do. Firstly my photo wall needs to gooooooo. I feel like it won't feel like I'm actually moving until I completely de-personalise my room. I think once all my posters and pictures go then it'll feel real. I can't wait to begin moving everything with me though, my plants being the most careful moving process.. Eek! And I can't wait to begin making posts of the place, showing you the slow transformation of an apartment into our humble abode. Where the light will shine throughout the day, how the seasons will effect the scenery surrounding us, and how we use the space to socialise and enjoy time together just me and Tom. A new chapter is approaching and I feel SO ready for it!!!

All in good time though and before any of that I still have a lot to be getting on with while living in Roath. Most importantly, my Travelling scrapbook needs to be finished, I'll be moving that process along swiftly by developing the last four films today! And with that done I can then write the posts along side them and finish these travelling posts once and for all! (You've enjoyed them though haven't you). I'll also be doing a final bedroom post in which I basically have gone around my whole bedroom snapping up all the little parts I've worked on to make this amazing room feel truly like my own. That'll be a final farewell to a place that holds so many wonderful memories, and I feel like I'll always like to look back on what this place looked like before its all stripped bare. 

Right now, today I've almost done everything I had planned. I think I'll enjoy this sunny surprise and go meet Tom at the shop a bit later, which is something I feel like I haven't done in months! 
I'll make sure I continuing posting this month because alas I have a lot to share with you. But now shall I get on with some pictures? I think so!

Click on the place names below to view more pictures from each place :)
Lots of love!

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