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Travelling Europe Film Five

So its the weekend again and I'm working now until Monday (doing doubles) which is pretty sweet considering I only have this evening and tomorrow to do. Kind of sucks not having a Sunday off again though. This week has been an okay week, me and Tom were hoping to view an apartment on Thursday but got a call saying it was taken on Tuesday. It was a long shot really and we've both realised we just have to keep looking until something else special crops up. Regardless, I couldn't help but feel disappointed, my minds constantly imagining a time in the future where we finally have a place of our own and it seems bliss. I really really can't wait, even though we are indeed waiting and trying to save up as much as possible on the side. Be patient Louise, a place will appear I know it, and this time we just have to be ready to snatch it up before anyone else... Sigh... 

Next week Aggie is coming home from London for four days and I'm really hoping to make the most out of them. I wanna drink coffee, cook food, take photos and go for walks. I'm looking forward to it. I have a nice rota next week.

So here's another load of travelling photos from my Minolta, I know I'm slowly working through these (there's another seven!!! Can you believe it!!) I feel like I won't post them all before next year which kind of sucks because it means most of my films will be months late from now until I catch up... I am trying to catch up I promise.. I just need money to keep on developing the film. I'll scan some more in today for sure.

If you're interested in reading the main travelling posts from the following places, the links are below:

I'll try write again soon!

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