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Travelling Europe Film Seven

Time to write again, maybe not the correct mood to write but I'll get this done nevertheless. I have exciting news that I don't want to jinx just yet so you'll have to wait till Thursday to find out, but I'm so busy at the moment. Yesterday I spent the whole day in my room until I work at 4pm and didn't even stop to eat I had so much on my mind. All good things :) I've actually had sleepless nights, which normally is a myth to me. Thursday, we shall find out Thursday.. Why is it only Saturday!!!? Bleh.. I don't really have much to report. It's gotten a lot colder these past few days, rain has been replaced with icy sleet or hail which is quite amusing, but I've gotten soaked on quite a few occasions now. Winter seems just about here!!

More photos for you now.. Film seven has photos taken in all the places listed below. which you're very welcome to read if you have a bit more time to spare.

P.S I've been playing around with my blog template (you may have noticed), now all links that you the reader haven't previously clicked on with be a lovely green colour, and then once you've viewed them they'll turn a dark grey. Thought it would be nice to add a little colour to the blog and now you can see how many posts you need to get reading ;) I joke, I joke... but you can if you want.. hihi.


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