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Travelling Europe Film Six

Yes this is happening, I'm doing another blog post and I'm going to try and do another tomorrow aswell. These pictures are going out to the world! Now, now, now. Pay day on Friday (wippeee) I can't wait to spend it all before the following Monday and that's without much choice in the matter. Things to buy, always things to buy and order and book and well I guess I am trying to save money for the time being until that is no longer possible. I'm currently trying to get away with putting half my pay straight into savings, but with Christmas approaching and a bunch of events and holidays also on the horizon (oh and the potential of moving out soon) maaaaybe its a bit harder than I first thought.. Darn it. 

So lets get to the point, seeing as I basically rant about the same shit each post anyways. 
These lovely summery pictures were taken in Berchtesgaden National Park (Konigssee Lake), Graz, somewhere in Slovenia, Zagreb and Plitvice National Park. They're all so beautiful. I swear these colours don't even exist within the natural colour pallet of Britain. I would never be depressed if I lived surrounded by such beautiful colours, in fact I would probably cry with happiness. 
Enjoy hehe, and check out the main posts for each place below if you want to stare at more beautiful colourful pictures and wish it was Summer again...

Write soon!

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