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What I Did In October

Life is busy at the moment, my mind feels like a whirl of very fast talking whenever I have a moment to think about all the things I need to be getting on with. It is a good thing for sure and I am really enjoying having projects to work on (most of them I need to actually begin) when I have time spare at home. Which lately is feeling pretty rare. Take this weekend for example, beautifully crisp and cold. Autumn yellows, ambers, browns and rouge reds. A blue sky spreading from one horizon to the other with slithers and speckles of white whispy clouds. Possibly the best Autumnal weekend we will have this year.. and I'm working back to back doubles today and tomorrow. How depressing. Lets not go into it. I love this weather, if our whole Winter was like this I would love Winter, and instead of maybe going for a walk to Tom's shop or cycling home from Penarth one chilly morning, I'm sitting or sleeping in my room in the spare few hours I have out of work. The only positive is that I get to gaze up through my open window, and enjoy the warmth the sun gives as it shines through the glass. Blah blah blah. Enjoy this weather basically!! Because I can't :( 
Today I have 2 hours left before I have to head back into the madness of a match day in my hotel. I can't bare to think the evening I have awaiting me, I'm fully assuming I'm going to run out of all means of food and alcohol and everyone else is going to be too busy to help me handle the mass of people. Also I'm currently working off two hours of sleep (my fault entirely). Me, Tom and Rose went to a groovy night last night that played some great music. But we had to drag ourselves out by 1.30am in order to get any sleep. I don't feel too bad considering, but tonight will most probably kill me off. Fun fun fun. Right I'm going to end the life update here. 

Enjoy some of the pics I've been snapping up on my phone throughout the month of October!
I'll write soon!

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