Friday, 30 December 2016

Settled In

I'm writing this sat in a cafe around the corner from our place, waiting for a toastie and some sweet potato fries to arrive my way. There's a child which has just started crying which is just what I need right now to think properly, and two woman gossiping across the room from me. But lets do this, let write this post because I've been meaning to write for a while now and it is indeed drawing to the end of the year.

My Christmas turned out to be totally amazing. Loads of time with family and friends, dancing and having a laugh. I didn't take too many photos over the period - a few on my Diana Mini I think which I'll be hoping to develop in the new year if I have the money. (5 week pay yay)... I've been consistently taken photos around the apartment, it's becoming a bit of an obsession, but I'm really enjoying capturing the sunlight hitting different spots at different points of the day, and just the light the room holds in general. 
Me and Tom spent our Boxing Day having a lovely lazy morning of opening presents in bed and then slowly getting ready and having breakfast. We enjoyed a lovely fresh walk to Penarth, amused by the children wizzing about on their new scooters and hoverboards. In Penarth we had a lovely variety of food fit for a feast. Dishes of baked sweet potatoes with chickpeas, a ratatouille dish, plates of cheeses and hams and salads and plenty of dips and sauces. It was marvelous. Shortly after the plates were cleared and the dessert finished, the drinking began and so followed the singing and dancing. It was so much fun. 

So the end of the year is drawing very close. With my plans pretty non-existent apart from having the girls round tonight for some food (I'm cooking for people eeeek), I'm just kind of enjoying the little things. Like just having a few days off from work to focus on me time and me and Tom time. Keeping it simple. I want to keep writing as much as possible this next month. I've got more photos to show and eventually more film to develop. I'm also really trying to use our digital camera more so I'll have even more photos to show you before long. Internet isn't so much of an issue now that I've realised that I can use our neighbouring cafe for some cheap (delicious) lunch and some internet. On the 11th January we should hopefully be having our internet set up and then I have the freedom to blog whenever I want! 

Finally the photos below are taken in the week drawing up to Christmas. Cooking, wrapping presents, early mornings and lazing about. Everything is appriciated at the moment.

I will of course write again soon.
Best wishes to everyone for the New Year.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Moving In

So its Christmas Eve and we've been living in the apartment for almost two weeks now. What can I say? I love it!! It just feels so right that me and Tom finally have a place of our own. Getting the apartment to feel finally like home took a few days of moving our own things in and a fair few furniture shops. I loved making up all the furniture though and finding the right place for all our belongings. We've done a big food shop now (no longer living off cereal) and are in full cooking swing. I've had plenty of early mornings where I've snuck out the bedroom and got ready by myself, it still dark outside and everything still and quiet, those are nice as its only a two minute cycle to work. So far I've made two new foxy friends who were out hunting one morning (foxes are such beautiful creatures). Boxing Day will be mine and Tom's first day where we're both off and able to have a nice lazy morning together, I can't wait for that to be honest. 
So everything is really good at the moment. And I'm just back home today to have a lovely meal with my family and then we'll be transporting all my plants over to the apartment ( a delicate procedure). 
This post is just a few pictures I've been taking on our DSLR whilst we were moving in, you can probably tell from things being added and shifted about throughout the photos. I hope you enjoy and I'll be writing soon hopefully (although we still don't have internet at the apartment). I want to do one more post just with a couple more pictures of us all settled in and maybe even a post about over the Christmas period.

I hope everyone reading this has/had a lovely Christmas.


Friday, 16 December 2016

Film: Ibiza 2016

So much love for these pictures. Reminising of sunny summer days on the island of Ibiza. My first holiday with a friend and inspirational talks with Agnese. Lazing about on a balcony, dancing all night and doing photoshoots by the sea. Was a perfect couple of days!


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