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Film: August 2016

Hello!! Fourth post of the day, can you believe it?! I'm spoiling you guys.... I should slow down a bit because I actually have quite a bit of time still before I have to head back to work (double shifts woo) but I'm still in crazy rush mode so typing slowly is helping to calm me down....... These photos were taken once I got back home from travelling, throughout the month of August. That seems so long ago now though (remember Summer?). I said in my previous posts I got more film developed today. Well I won't be able to collect them until tomorrow so I'm hoping I'll have time to scan them in and post them but I'm not sure.. Maybe I'll just scan them in? But yeah that'll be good! I think the film is from September to November and I have one from the Minolta and one from the Diana Mini. And there should be pictures from Ibiza on them!! So I can't wait to see. And then finally I am all caught up on developing film! I'm so proud of myself lmao. Just in time to begin frantically moving in to our new place. 
I also got my Christmas rota today and I'll be off work from 26th until 2nd, which will be so nice! And my rota should be a bit more relaxed from the end of next week onwards (I still have four double shifts to do before then) but it'll make all the crazy work hours worth it, and give us time to really settle into the new apartment! Exciting!!
I'll leave you with this pictures for now and you can look forward to more posts before next Tuesday.
Catch up with Agnese
Enjoying the sun at Bute Park
Tom being awkward and pulling silly faces...
Stretching our legs again at Pen Y Fan
 At Street Food Circus
Girls day out to Delete Car Park party 

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