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Film: August - October 2016

Hey!! Actually finding the time to come back to my old home (crycry) and write, and today is actually a mega busy day!!! Internet still isn't set up in the apartment which although I don't actually mind (I'm busy enough as it is anyways), it means I have to come back to the house to do online things. 
This weekend me and Tom are off to Manchester for a night out in Warehouse Project and then the Saturday and Sunday to explore a bit. I've also got Monday and Tuesday off next week so that's really nice. I'm looking forward to getting a few things done then aswell.
Today was the first morning I've had off in the apartment, and as fate would have it, its been a beautifully sunny morning! It looks incredible in the apartment! We get all the lovely sunrise colours and then sun shining into the living room throughout the day, it makes it nice and warm too! Me and Tom had a breakfast of porridge and toast as we've actually bought the applicants to make these things! All lovely, then I cycled back to Roath and now I've got a day of shopping with money I really shouldn't be spending and then we're on a train to Manchester by 6pm. 

So that's your update for now!!

Here are some pictures.. August till October (back from travelling) on the Diana Mini.


 Delete Car Park Party with the gals
Mmmmm dem mozzarella dippers
 Not so serious 
 Motion night out hehe
 Moodymann :)
 Halloween Antics..

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