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Moving In

So its Christmas Eve and we've been living in the apartment for almost two weeks now. What can I say? I love it!! It just feels so right that me and Tom finally have a place of our own. Getting the apartment to feel finally like home took a few days of moving our own things in and a fair few furniture shops. I loved making up all the furniture though and finding the right place for all our belongings. We've done a big food shop now (no longer living off cereal) and are in full cooking swing. I've had plenty of early mornings where I've snuck out the bedroom and got ready by myself, it still dark outside and everything still and quiet, those are nice as its only a two minute cycle to work. So far I've made two new foxy friends who were out hunting one morning (foxes are such beautiful creatures). Boxing Day will be mine and Tom's first day where we're both off and able to have a nice lazy morning together, I can't wait for that to be honest. 
So everything is really good at the moment. And I'm just back home today to have a lovely meal with my family and then we'll be transporting all my plants over to the apartment ( a delicate procedure). 
This post is just a few pictures I've been taking on our DSLR whilst we were moving in, you can probably tell from things being added and shifted about throughout the photos. I hope you enjoy and I'll be writing soon hopefully (although we still don't have internet at the apartment). I want to do one more post just with a couple more pictures of us all settled in and maybe even a post about over the Christmas period.

I hope everyone reading this has/had a lovely Christmas.


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