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The Room Where I Became...

So this is kind of a special post, one I've been dabbling in over the years. Enjoying the snippets I've exposed and changes I've captured. 

The bedroom I've had for the past ten years made me who I am today without a doubt. I've been so lucky to be able to create a space that's always portrayed exactly who I am, as I have developed my interests and grown so so much as a person. I'm also so lucky that it's been a loft bedroom, with windows at every angle, showering my room with light the moment the sun rises till the moment it falls. It's made me appreciate the outside world and its temperamental shifts of weather. Sun, rain, hail, snow, mist and nighttime, sunsets and sunrises; I've loved it all whilst snug in my room. Its  also allowed me to discover my love for nature. (particularly the indoor plant kind) as my room holds the perfect temperature and light for them to flourish! And of course it's created the perfect hub for shaving friends round, with music blasting and girlish squeals of delight as gossip and advice escape from the walls. I really really have loved this room, I've loved adding my own touch to it, with pictures covering both walls at one point, then only one and now finally none. 
Its been difficult taking away the personality from this room but at the same time I've enjoyed it because I feel its creating for me a fresh start. 
I couldn't go however without capturing the memories forever with a shoot within my room of all the little things that have made the four walls and lovely floor and incredible roof mine. And here it is... The room where I became me :)
Lots of love and enjoy the post!

 And my room now...

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