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Travelling Europe Film Nine

Another busy day, but it feels good to be ticking boxes and soon I shall be packing boxes!! (I would of done some today but apparently my corner shop doesn't have any spare boxes lol...) 
Photos are now off my wall! Keys are being picked up tomorrow! And then the moving in process will begin! 
And what a process it will be... Inbetween working 5/6 days a week and going away to music events for the next three weekends, and family coming down for Christmas and the weeks leading up to Christmas, we've got to somehow pack and move stuff from each of our places. Do a big furniture and essentials shop and of course a food shop. It's gunna be a hectic few weeks without a doubt! I feel like I can't see a calm period at least until January. But I can't wait. Also I have at least six blog posts to write, three films to develop and a scrapbook to finish... Hehe madness.. Oh yeah and Christmas shopping and a few days celebrating mine and Tom's anniversary... and New Years!!! 

Isn't it a wonderful time! 

What am I writing about again?? 
Oh yeah! Another Travelling films post of course.

Here are some posts with more photos from all the places you'll see below :)

Enjoy and I'll write again soon!

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