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Today, I have realised is the only opportunity I have to get caught up on blog posts. The next few days are gunna be crazy busy because we'll be dashing back and forth to the apartment, moving all our belongings and new items there and then slowly making it homey. Monday night should be our first night there, but it dawned on me we won't have any internet set up straight away. It's kind of at the back of our list of things to do at the moment. Which is fine except I realised I still have quite a few blog posts to do. So this is me trying to do them.. I also got developed two more films today which I want to try scan tomorrow if I have time and then put them into posts before Monday. But today I'll be pumping out hopefully three so sorry for the lack of content.

Here are the longer posts from all the places you see below!! (1st image is Positano)


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