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What I Did In November

My room now feels slightly more empty, with a pile of boxes in the corner waiting to be picked up and dropped off. Although I think they're too heavy for me to carry effortlessly.. (I have a LOT of photo albums!) I kind of like the emptiness of my walls now, I feel like it brings attention to all my green plants. It makes me think it would of been nice to do it a bit sooner, or maybe I would of done it eventually if I wasn't moving out at the age of 21. 
We picked up the keys yesterday and I've already gone there twice just to sit about and suss the place out just that little bit more. We accidentally tried to open the wrong apartment door last night, by going up one floor too high. The door opened in our faces as a neighbour gazed out at us slightly confused. It was an easy mistake! The door didn't have a number haha. We did find out apartment after that. I don't want to keep updating you on every post about every little thing thats happening to do with our new place so sorry, I'll keep it to a minimum from now on (and post pictutes later this month!)

Today's post is just November pictures from my phone, makes a little change I guess. 
Around 5pm today me and Tom are getting a coach up to London for a night out in Great Suffolk Street Warehouse. I'm super excited! It should be a very good night and so long as we can get into my friend's place afterwards, we should be able to get a good few hours sleep before heading back down to Cardiff and straight into Ikea to do shopping. I doubt we'll be in the right mindset but opportunities are at a low. 

I was thinking today in work that my posts never really include topics. I base my posts mainly on photos I have to share and the happenings of my life around that time. But I never write about things that I have an interest in, or occur to me, or are generally on my mind, (like other blogs may do). I know it's not a big issue, and I like the way I write really, but sometimes I do think it would be nice to talk about things that mean something to me. Usually I'll come up with ideas in work and then almost resolve and forget them before coming back home, just because I have so much time to think. And I really do! Whenever I meet up with Tom after a day in work I have a billion things to share with him, all that have wizzed in and out of my mind and I've just had to think about to myself (the downfall of working alone, but I enjoy it all the same).  
So as a new years resolution kind of thing I may start making my posts more topical, with updates a bit more sparse but just as detailed! We'll see, I think it would be interesting to share the things that cross my mind, whatever it may be. 

I'll leave you with pictures now and more posts on the horizon! 

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