Saturday, 27 February 2016

Film: February 2016

Another day, another post. 

This week I have another weekend off! I couldn't believe it!! This morning I woke up in my room to the daylight and eventually stretched out of bed. After sitting around eating breakfast with my mum, I got ready, hoovered my room and headed off to give my London film to the photo lab to be developed. Back home I sat and read for a while. The book I'm reading (The Buried Giant) is so lovely. It's about this elderly couple who live in a time around the Saxons, but there are giants, dragons and ogres. It's more about their relationship and their travels, and its so lovely. I really like well written books, that make you think about your own life. So I read that for a bit and then went off to collect my photos. Now I've scanned them in and have them ready to show you :)

These are from my weekend in London (last week) me and Agnese went to a party Friday night and then spent Saturday in Brixton and the evening dancing to some Disco in Shoredich. I had a really nice time and it's always lovely spending some time with Agnese. 

I'll be posting again soon! Tis drawing to the end of February so I'll have a month post and also a post of my Instagram pics throughout "winter". 
Lots of Love
Wine on the face
 Aggie can't find her coat!
 Brixton :)
 Spot the face in the wall

Friday, 26 February 2016

Love You Always Skippy ♥

* Sad news post * 

Skippy had to be put down Wednesday 24th :(
When I was getting ready for work Wednesday morning my dad told me Skippy hadn't been able to use his legs all night and that he would take him to the vets first thing. At 5pm we went to pick him up and the vets told us that a growth in his spinal cords has caused him to become paralysed from below the neck. Although we were able to take him home and he wasn't in any pain, he probably wouldn't be able to stay alive as he couldn't feed himself or go to the toilet by himself or move around at all for that matter :( He'd never be able to run again!! Also because there was no blood circulation his legs would gradually go cold. So there we had it, hit with the fact in less than 12 hours we'd have to say our goodbyes for good. It was so sad, but for me what made it worse was the fact he was so stressed and worried because he barely knew what was going on. We took him home and once he realised a bit that it would be ok he stopped panicking. We lay him on his chair and then slowely everyone arrived home and got hit with the news. It was sad, really sad. By 7pm my parents were driving him back to the vets and that was that. 

I feel ok now. Wednesday I was so upset because I was thinking of how I'll never be able to walk him again, never be able to play with him again, never be able to enjoy his company again. But I guess it's just the way life goes, and the main thing I keep reminding myself is that I have so many great memories with him, so many adventures and fun walks. So many happy times. 
And this is kind of what I wanted to do this post for, I went through a lot of my old blog posts with the tag "Skippy" and found a bunch of photos with him that really make me truly happy. I am also in the process of looking for an old hard-drive we have with all the old family pics (including a lot of puppy pics!), but I really don't know where I've put it. Maybe I'll make another small blog post when I do find it. 

I loved Skippy so much, no one with every understand how much. He was such a wonderful companion and every moment I spent with him it was enjoyed. Everyone who met him loved him and it hurts so much to think it was less than a week ago I was running round the rec with him. He will never be forgotten, thanks partly to this blog and my love of taking photos and capturing moments. 
I know a lot of people won't be bothered and that's fine, but if you feel like massively procrastinating, feel free to follow this link and scroll through all the happy times I've spent with such a wonderful dog: Skippy Posts ♥
RIP buddy 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Film: January 2016

Hey!! I have more photos to share :) 
Not quite sure what to do with my day today. It's relatively sunny outside which makes me feel like I should go for a walk, but I don't really want to put the effort in. Plus I'm walking to Tom's shop later so I guess that's fine. I think I'll just stay in and do some reading. Tomorrow me and Tom have a day off together which is great. He's got a few things to do in the morning and then we're going to go into town and do some shopping. Oh also! Today I'm waiting for our Interrail passes + documents to arrive! I really hope they come before 4pm. How exciting :) Also this weekend I have 2 events to go to :D LTJ Bukem on the Friday night with Rose and Nina Kravis on the Saturday night with Tom. I am so so excited! I have the Saturday off too so I'm literally just going to sleep so I'm fully recovered for another night out. Also I'll defo bring my Diana Mini out and try to take pics :) I love having films to put in my book. I wish I just had loads so all of a sudden I can spend hours and hours sticking them in.
Ok so I'll stop blabbering.

Trip to London // National History Museum
 My early morning walk on Saturday:

Also here's a throwback post for you if you're bored:
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