Friday, 22 April 2016

Film: April 2016

Today's a rainy day but I don't mind. I've got the weekend off now so I'm going to pack my bag and wait eagerly to head to Penarth. This weekends going to involve badminton, travelling planning and lots of food. Lie ins (to some extent) sitting by the fire and having porridge for breakfast. I love having the weekend off. I feel so lucky to have some sense of routine but I know it won't last too long. It never does. I feel like dancing.. 
Enjoy these photos taken on my minolta. I especially like the first one. 
Enjoy your weekend whatever you do..

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Bluebell Forest

Hey :) Today feels like a good day, actually lately I've been feeling pretty great. The weather is getting better and when the sunny days do come it's warm enough to sit outside and enjoy them. I've been busy this month. Active and healthy. Actually it's quite funny because it's seems I always feel like this when April comes around. Last year was the same.. So I'm going to try hold onto this feeling of productive happiness and make it last a few months. 

Yesterday me and Tom went for a walk up by Castell Coch. I finished work at 12pm and found Tom waiting for me outside my work. We got a train to Taffs Well and then walked around for about 4 hours in the sun. It was great. Last year we had just missed the bluebells (spring came earlier last year), luckily this time round we were in time to take in the full bloom. It was so pretty!! We took out the new camera so here are our photos from it. 

I've picked up my film today from the Minolta which came out lovely, so I'll do a post with those photos tomorrow :) 

My monkey man :)
My leap of faith lol
Hungry horses 
This is the view we discovered!! You can see the whole of Cardiff and Penarth too :)
Waiting patiently for me to finish photographing the bluebells.
And in goes my foot :')
Being creeped up on..
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