Monday, 31 October 2016

Travelling Europe Film Four

I realise this has taken me a while, but I am fully focused in getting these travelling film rolls developed, posted and finally in a scrapbook before the end of next January. I have a lot to do in these next coming months!! I need to slowly begin clearing out my room of its clutter. Cupboards where decade old items lay untouched, now to be rejected for a final time.. It's mostly old school work that I'm sure I'm never ever going to need again. Me and Tom have loads of lovely dance events coming up that I'm crossing my fingers and toes I can get off work. We went out on Friday night for Halloween with a few other people and it was just so nice to get out and dance and let the stress slip away.. October was pretty quiet for us and it definitely had an affect!! Also we put a deposit down for our skiing holiday in January which I am really excited for! I'm going to have to learn LMAO! But I am really looking forward to be in a cold, snowy environment, surrounded by mountains and pine trees (yippee). I'll leave the update there as I'll be writing an October post very soon as tomorrow is the beginning of November. 

For now here is my fourth film from our summer travelling adventure!! These pictures are from Prague with the last 8 taken in Vienna. As I said I plan on powering through these film pictures so you can look forward to more posts in the coming weeks! 

If you fancy reading through the posts of these places that have my digital pictures on them, just click through on the links below! 


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Travelling Europe Film Three

I wish it would start raining again because although the classical piano playing in the background is nice, I feel like rain would help me appreciate the cosyness of my room and the lovely fruity scents filling it and seeping out onto the downstairs landing. I guess you could say I'm enjoying the beginning of my two days off, with an equally free evening. It's slowly getting darker and I'm not sure I feel ready to allow the yellow glow of warm bulbs envelope my room in light. Candles and fairy lights will have to do for the time being, oh and the glare of my laptop screen. I'm in a funny mood tonight, I'm half enjoying the time I have spare and half anticipating the moment I run out of things to do and end up gawking at my phone and the endless activities of people I wouldn't say hello to on the street, (although I'd like to think I would). I'll try not to let that happen, maybe find something to read as I've finished my most recent reading and there's a sequel I'm itching to buy. I've filled out the enrolment form due for the Pathways course I'll be starting in January, I cannot wait to being studying and learning again. I've chosen to begin down the road of English Language and the course will also hold modules in Literature and Philosophy which should be amazing! So that's something to tick of the list. And alas I'm here writing this blog post which was another on my to do list. I guess I just feel like writing. I feel like setting my mind at ease a bit because I'm not really sure what I want to be doing with the rest of my evening. I just know I want some time at home in my bedroom, some time to do little things like flick through one of my untouched interior magazines, or colour in a page out of my mindfullness colouring book, and read and fall asleep early, and wake up to the morning and a cup of coffee and oh yeah my crazy 7 month old puppy dog.. And then, well I'm not too sure, but I'll leave that to when I get there. When I feel a bit more with-it in the morning. Until then some tranquil music and a light dinner. 

Now onto the point of this post, some more film roll pictures from our Summer travels. This roll had pictures from the Saxon-Switzerland National Park and Prague. You can find both posts with the digital pictures below.

I'll try write again next week at some point

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Ibiza 2016 Day Four and Five

So the final days of our little lovely trip. Wednesday morning Tom left us in the early hours to fly back to the UK. We stayed on sleeping and then woke up around 9am, as usual and began our day slowly and peacefully. It was such a lovely sunny day and we had a photoshoot planned so set off around 11am to make the most of the day. I don't have any pictures of the photoshoot I'm afraid but it was a lot of fun, I can't wait to see the final edited versions and I'll link them through when they're up on Aggie's website. So we spent midday taking pictures and it wasn't until our bellies started rumbling at 3pm we realised it was so late in the afternoon! We headed back to our apartment and made some yummy ravioli, hanged out for a bit and then headed back out to sit by the sunset strip and watch the sun go down. Except there was a massive cloud blocking it, so we only got pretty cloud colours which is just as nice!! Towards the end of the evening and beginning of the night we headed back to the center and decided to find some tapas for dinner. We found this amazing little place and shared a bottle of Rose', a steak dish and a handle full of little tapas including the most amazing garlic mushrooms I have ever tasted. So that was really nice. We headed back to the apartment around 11pm and then began to get ready for our night out in Amnesia. We got there by bus around 1am and from there began to dance the night away. It was so good, I had so much fun!! Until about 5.30am my legs gave up on me (bare in mind I was wearing platforms) and so I couldn't really use them to dance anymore. I just bobbed and waved my arms about haha. It was so great though, and I actually lasted until 7am when it closed!! I was so impressed with myself haha, considering I was close to falling asleep. It was so worth it though, the music was amazing. I'm kind of gutted though, because on both nights out I didn't take any pictures on my Diana Mini, even though I had taken it out. It may sound weird, but I was so focused on just dancing and enjoying the experience I didn't want to go through the effort of taking it out. Although I would love to have pictures to develop from the nights out now :( 
The next day I slept in until 10am, and then I realised we had to get up and going because we had to check out of our apartment that day at 11am!! I had a shower and began to pack my bag, attempting to wake Aggie up along the way without screaming in her face haha. Eventually I just had to shake her and get her moving. We checked out about 11.30am and went to find some breakfast nearby. Then we decided to spend the day on the beach sleeping in the sun, although we rented an umbrella so we didn't get burnt to a crisp. About 5pm we got some dinner (a crepe and smoothie each) and then decided to make our way to the airport for our flight that evening. Although we stayed sitting in the sun until the last possible moment and then went to check in. 

So that was my glorious trip to Ibiza with Aggie (and Tom for two days). It was so so nice to have some final sunshine and music before coming back to cold Britain and finally excepting chilly Autumn is apon us. I have excepted it now, but I really can't wait for next Summer to arrive!! 

Lots of Love

8am sky:
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