Friday, 15 December 2017

One Year On...

I feel like it's the right thing to do a blog post, a year after we moved into our first flat together. I have to say, living here has made me realise how incredibly lucky we were to get such a special first place and also I've realised that because we are renting, the luck won't last forever. 
It's important to appreciate what you've got while you have it, because sooner or later, it won't be around any longer. One day we will have to move out of this place, either by choice or not. 
One day this flat will become a distant memory, but I think at least I have all these wonderful pictures to look back on. At least we can say to ourselves, yes we really did enjoy living here and appreciated it every day. 

So that is why I take countless photos of my surroundings, because for me it captures the love I have for things. How the sun shines through the window and reflects against the walls. How my plants grow bigger and bigger. How our living space changes as we build more of our lives into it. How we spend our time, with friends, watching TV, going for walks. A captured moment is a moment cherished. At least for me... 

We officially moved into this flat December 12th 2016. It is now December 15th 2017. I've been wandering round snapping pictures the past two days so here they are.

If you want to click back to see our flat when we first moved in, here's the blog posts linked below.

Lots of love

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Our 4th Anniversary In Cheltenham

Putting together a little post of pictures I took on our two day trip to Cheltenham.
4 years we've been together me and Tom! And to celebrate he booked us a stay in a themed hotel and surprised me with a trip to Cheltenham, where we both hadn't been before! 
It was so lovely. We took a train there and back, ate amazing food both days and strolled around looking at Christmas Markets and through parks. Our room was called 'Out of Africa' btw!!

It was so nice to get a real break out of Cardiff for a short time.
It makes such a difference tbh.

Lots of love


Another lovely Autumn done and gone.


What I Did In November

It always feels like such a challenge to get myself sat at this desk and in a writing mood. 
Life is busy busy busy at the moment. The year is nearly over and I'm finding myself trying to grasp hold of the days as they slip out of my hands. 
I have three blog posts lined up at the moment that I will try to get done this week. One that I need to take photos for and one film that is about 2 pictures away from being developed and hopefully another film finished in the new year. 
I have my goals, now its just finding the time for them.
I finished my Philosophy course which I really enjoyed and hoping I'll get a good overall score for. I always did want to share on here some of my Philosophical work but I have to think that through a bit better. 
I am without studying now until 18th January when my next course (Creative Writing) shall begin. So I'm trying to get loads done in the meantime.. Personal Statement, CV Update, Passport Application (serious stuff ew!)
2018 plans are slotting in to place slowly. We're attempting to slow all the events and holidays down ever so slightly (its so hard not to get carried away). But we really should be trying to save up more money considering I'll be in University come September. 
I feel like that's as much of an update I'm going to give.. For now here are a selection of photos I've taken on my phone over November.


(here is my ill face) 
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