Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Plant Log 002

I've been undeniably awful at blogging this month and now that the dust is settling I realise I have to do something about it. 
Where has September gone? To be honest I don't have a clue. 
I've been to Bestival and I've been to London and that somehow took away 2 weeks of the month and now I am here picking up the pieces. 
Trying to find my organised self and welcome some sort of routine back into my life. 
I guess I still have two weeks to go! So still time to fill this month up with posts. 
And here's how its going to look....

So I have 3 rolls of film to develop. Two on my replaced Ricoh (that you know I previously lost in Dekmantel) and one from my Diana Mini. I'm hoping to go get them developed today and then I'll probably collect them Wednesday or Thursday as that would be the best. 
Other than that I won't be having that much to share. My Bestival post is going to be all film - from the rolls I develop. I didn't bring my digital because I thought I'd rather focus on film. This was probably a good thing as I would of been covering it from rain for a lot of the time. 
So I will be doing a Bestival post but it won't be anything too bulky. Hopefully just lots of good pictures! 

This post now you're going to laugh because its just more of my little plant babies. The morning sun was nice this morn and I felt like capturing my plants on the windowsill. Getting the lighting right was a bit of a challenge but I liked the challenge of tweaking.

I just like taking pictures of them because it makes me happy to see how they grow - okay?

I'm heading out for the day now. This seems to always happen when I say to myself 'right Louise you're going to sit down and get all those little shitty things you need to do, done' Naaah I'd much rather run off and be outside. It does look like it's going to be a lovely day today though. So much colder recently mind! 


Friday, 1 September 2017

What I Did In August

Hey just a quick post full of pictures from August.
Don't have much to say.
Don't really feel like writing.

I managed to borrow a humongous book from the library so I'm spending the rest of my day reading that in the sun.
I'll do another post soon, but just to let you know......

Bestival is NEXT WEEK!!!


Friday, 25 August 2017

Llangennith 2017

Making the time to sit down and write this while I have a chance.
Life has been busy lately!! I thought August was going to be a quiet month and it has really. But I really haven't had any time to sit down and get things done. So of course now things are piling up. 
I think its down to the fact that I haven't had many mornings free where I'm by myself and can get on with little things. When I have mornings off with Tom my things aren't so much of a priority. Lie-ins and big delicious breakfasts become priority. 
This week I've been given three evening shifts in a row, which although I don't prefer, I need to make the most of nonetheless.

For most of the month of August the weather has been pretty abysmal (mild, rainy and cloudy - the usual right?) Well by some luck last week - the day we headed away actually! - the weather turned around. It's stayed pretty decent for the last week now, so I'm just hoping it will stick around.

Camping was really nice. We had done it before 2 years back in July and felt like doing it again, just to get a few days away by the beach. The drive is an easy hour and a half and the campsite is really easy to find, just at the end of Llangennith. We set up camping quickly excited by the warming day and were soon running towards the beach with some boards.
Notice the size of our tent here - haha!
The rest of the day was spent strolling around the beach and sand dunes, and then an evening BBQ on the beach.
Our second day, we had breakfast in the cafe and then spent most of the day exploring. We walked up to Worms Head and then after some relaxing on the beach, walked up the other way to an island you could climb up onto.
Finishing up watching the sunset from our tent. 
On our last day we spent the morning taking it easy. 
Around midday Tom's dad, sister and nephew joined us so we took a bunch of things and headed down to the beach for an afternoon of fun.
Tom found a sink-hole

I'll be writing again soon! 
Most probably my usual monthly post.

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