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Bardoneccia Skiing Holiday Part One

And so begin the posts of mine and Tom's skiing holiday. I've decided to keep it simple with separate posts for each separate device we used. This post is of pictures taken on our DSLR, and there aren't hundreds for once! 
Although we took a fair few at the beginning of the trip, once it became clear we wouldn't be taking the camera up the slopes with us there wasn't really anything new to be taking pictures of. The ones posted below show you mostly our time getting to the resort, we spent the rest of that first day picking up our ski equipment and then exploring the town of Bardoneccia until it got too cold and we got lost.. 
It was a truly beautiful trip. Being in a quiet resort with cold, fresh air and crunchy snow at our feet was special, learning to ski was special, and getting to see it snow for a day was pretty cute (especially when the snow flakes actually had the unique, glittering shape of real snowflakes!). I have undeniably caught the bug (skiing bug that is) and really can't wait to continue going and getting a proper Winter, even if it is just for a week! 

So enjoy the pictures below and you can look forward to more pictures from our GoPro, phones and my Minolta :)

Lots of love

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