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I'm actually so excited to write this post right now, and the only real reason I can think of this excitement is well, because I was just reading through my silly fun 2013 posts of silly fun drunk nights and silly pictures and this post feels like one of those posts because its a post full of silly fun drunk pictures with people I loooove. Yippee!! I love this blog! I've been writing on it for 7 years???! Like wtf how do I even have such commitment (how could I not have such commitment...). So yay for this post and here's to more posts like it! I always feel like I'm torn when it comes to taking digital photos or analogue photos, because I usually want both but for different sentimental reasons. Obviously I never really have my digital photos in physical form, they're only ever on my blog. Whereas my analogue camera pictures are on my blog and stuffed into a photo album somewhere (and I love my photo albums), so usually I want to take photos of my film cameras. But HERE in this post are digital pictures which I equally love because this was such a great evening with the girls.
I'm chatting shit aren't I.... Um nevermind. So this night was on the 30th December, I had the girls round for food in my new apartment and then we drank quite a bit and headed out to the Bay and then returned back and enjoyed drunk chattering and squealing (Tom's reports were that he couldn't sleep a wink from us blasting music, talking loudly and screaming with laughter every so often) (I did apolojise).
Enjoy the pictures!!


I've actually just realised I have more digital pics from around Christmas time that I haven't uploaded so here's a few of my faves..

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